Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Edward's Eyes

I know what you think now: this is going to be about the eyes of a very gorgeous vampire, Edward Cullen (played by hottie Robert Pattinson). And even though I have to admit that his changing eye colors are very fascinating and mysterious at the same time, I am not referring to his eyes in this post.
Edward's eyes is a novel written by Patricia MacLachlan, a children's book author. Why I am reading kids' books? Good question; does there have to be a reason? However, there is a story about how I came across that book: I used to be obsessed with Milo Venitmiglia, another Hollywood hottie. A friend of mine found out that the audio book of  Edward's eyes was read by Milo, and so she gave it to me as a present (thanks for that, sweety!). I didn't know anything about the book itself except for the title. The most important thing for me was that it was Milo's voice that I would be listening to.
After having listened to Edward's eyes, I must admit: I have underestimated this book. Never would I have expected it to be so touching and affective as it was. It made me cry a few times, which is not a bad thing. Being able to appeal to people's feelings is an admirable ability, and not every author manages to do that. 

I don't want to spoil the story, so I won't go much into detail about the plot. I think it's better to just get surprised and experience it on your own, without knowing much about it. Basically, Edward's eyes is written from the perspective of the 11-year-old Jake and how he experiences growing up with a big family, including his brother Edward, whom he consideres to be very special.
One quote from the book that got stuck in my mind:
"'was' is a word so small and so big."

I would really recommend this book to everyone.


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