Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make-up - It's not that difficult

Often I hear friends complain about how stressed they are and that they do "not have the time to put on make-up in the morning." That is just a lame excuse. If anyone likes sleeping in the morning, it would be me. And I still find time for putting on make-up; it really doesn't take long.
Other times, I see girls walking around like they're working as a clown in a circus - that's not what make-up is for, unless you really are working as a clown.
So, that is why I have decided to make a post about a simple day make-up. It's easy and it does not take a lot of time.

1) Powder Brush - I use it four rouge, 2) Powder brush for my bronzing powder, 3) Bronzing Powder (by Maybelline), 4) Powder Roughe (by Manhattan, color: peach), 5) Foundation (Matte Mousse by Maybelline), 6) Concealer (by Essence), 7) Eyeliner (khol by ESPRIT), 8) Mascara ( XXL pro Extensions byMaybelline).

You don't necessarily need the same brands, just use the ones that you prefer and that work best for you.
So here comes a short instruction:
1. Clean your face, put on a facial creme as a basis.
2. If your skin is unclear, use a foundation (5); make sure the foundation fits to your skin tone. It's always better to use a foundation that is slightly lighter than your skin tone.
3. Draw a line with your eyeliner (7) over your upper eyelid. This is not very easy and takes some practice to get  a straight line if you're not used to doing it. If you have more time, put on some mascara (8). Otherwise, just leave it out.
4. If you want to, you can use a concealer (6)  to cover the shadows under your eyes.
5. Use your powder brush to put on some bronzing powder. Start from your cheeks and then work your way through your face. Make sure it's not too much powder on your brush, otherwise you will look like you did some experiments with self-tanning lotion.
6. Use your other powder brush to put on a little rouge. Do not exaggerate, only use it on your cheeks. Again, make sure the color fits to your skin tone; the color peach fits to many skin tones and thus usually looks natural on almost everyone.

Voilà, you're done and can start the day looking super fresh, even if you're unbelievably tired.
If you want to, you can still accent your eyes and/or your lips a bit more.

For a smokey-eye make-up, you could use a dark eye shadow (3, L'ORÉAL). If you like it simple, you can use apricot or brown eye shdows (1 Maybelline, 2 Manhattan). Or you can match your eye shadow with your clothes (e.g. 4, Maybelline).

For your lips, you can use ligloss or lipstick in colors you like, but make sure they match with the rest of the make-up (p.s. no blue eye shadow with red lipstick, that just looks horrible!).
Have fun! :)

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